Spam Policy

eConsults “Spam  policies and procedures”:

eConsults takes this opportunity to inform you (medical and non-medical user) about how we collect information that is necessary for your (Doctor and Patient) medical assessments and communications “to and from” one of the independent medical practitioners and patients, and will endeavor to maintain a high level of confidentiality by taking in consideration anti-spam guidelines and regulatory requirements under Australian Privacy Act 1988 and Spam Act 2003, US; HIPAA A 1996.

eConsults spam policy is written to inform you about  why and  how eConsults and its users will use your personal details to communicate with you, limiting to, by use of your personal details collected at the time of registration and communications with “eConsults and its users”.

eConsults and its users’ reasons and methods of communications:

  • In the form of Cookies (only for eConsults users)
  • In the form of user reviews and rating (only for eConsults users)
  • In the form of health tips (only for eConsults users)
  • For Software ( initial) notification
  • For Software (update) notification
  • For communication about user registration, password changes
  • For Audio Video communication between doctors and patients
  • For Newsletters (if applicable)
  • For Press and media releases about eConsults and its  products & services
  • For communications about payment confirmation, subscription notices and tax invoices
  • For E-prescriptions or other electronic medical documentations specific to your personal medical condition (if applicable)

eConsults codes of conduct for reviews and publications (if applicable):

eConsults uses rating and publication services (limited to eConsults platform) for the benefits of its prospective users to make informed decisions about the services of eConsults and its users (video consulting independent medical practitioners).

eConsults encourages users to use rating and publication services,  solely based on personal experience, any forms of medical services, advices and opinions, received.

eConsults strongly discourages the use of "verbally", "personally", "racially and politically motivated" derogatory comments “and/or” statements  in user ratings and publications by using eConsults platform and its features.”

Spamming is illegal (reference link: https://www.acma.gov.au/Industry/Marketers/Anti-Spam/Ensuring-you-dont-spam/understanding-spam-ensuring-you-dont-spam-i-acma) and eConsults does not accept any forms of liabilities or provides any forms of indemnity to individual “and/or” corporation/s responsible for breaches of anti-spamming acts “and/or” guidelines “and/or” eConsults spam policy regardless of country of origin and passes on all liabilities to individual “and/or” corporation/s “jointly and severely (if applicable)” responsible for breaches.

If you would like to know more, please contact eConsults via “Contact us” page
or to lodge complaint please visit following link of Australian Government Office of  the Australian Information Commissioner :  https://www.oaic.gov.au/individuals/how-do-i-make-a-privacy-complaint


Terms and Conditions” for acceptance of “Spam policies and procedures:

If you wish to continue using this website “and/or” services in offering provided by eConsults under the banner of KU-MEDTECH PTY LTD with an ACN: 625 517 875, you understand and agree that you are at least at age of 18 and legally qualified to accept any forms of “terms and conditions” or can enter into legally binding contract as set out in this agreement and also agree that you do not have any impairment in judgements resulting from, not limited to, medical “and/or” physical conditions “and/or” intoxication “and/or” under influence of prescription medication “and/or” any other condition/s that could impair your personal judgement.

General Users :

  • By accepting to use eConsults platform for your communications “to and/or from” one of independent medical practitioners, you acknowledge that you have accepted not limiting to, privacy policy, cookies policies, spam policies, pricing policies, payment “terms and conditions” and “cancellation and refund” policies set out on this website.

Medical Practitioner :

  • By accepting to subscribe and use eConsults platform for your communications “to and/or from” general users (prospective patient and/or existing patients) or to another independent medical practitioners, you acknowledge that you have accepted not limiting to, privacy policy, cookies policies, spam policies, pricing policies, payment “terms and conditions” and “cancellation and refund” policies set out on this website.


eConsults does not provide any medical services itself. eConsults is a communication service platform from one user(as a patient or Medical practitioner) to another (as a patient or Medical practitioner).

Any information or advices “received or given” from an independent medical practitioner comes from his/her own areas of expertise and professional judgements. eConsults neither provides any forms of assurances nor accepts liabilities for advices received or given on behalf of independent medical practitioners or general users.

eConsult does not intend to replace primary health care systems, rather assists and intends to provide additional tool for independent medical practitioners and general users to stay in touch with each other, with an intention to facilitate technology aided additional medical cares.

eConsults does not endorse any specific test, doctor, medication, products and procedures those may be recommended by independent medical practitioners “directly or indirectly” during or after eConsults video consultations. You acknowledge that your reliance on advices, recommendations and services provided by “independent medical practitioners or general users” is solely at your discretion and assume full responsibilities for all risk associated with it.

eConsults performs rigorous checks to ensure all independent medical practitioners are properly qualified and have required registrations, against Medical Board of Australia database, however assumes that independent medical practitioners have, not limiting to their professional indemnity insurances and other liabilities insurance/s (if applicable). eConsults neither makes any forms of representations or provides warranties about “trainings or skills” sets of independent medical practitioners or general users.

eConsults regularly reviews its contents and posts on this website and platform however you acknowledge and agree that information (not limiting to; text, video, graphics, emails, phone numbers) on this website is provided for general informational purposes only and eConsults assumes that you have relied on your own personal judgements before making any forms of decisions.

These "terms and conditions" constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all other agreements relating to this subject matter and sets out the complete legal relationship between eConsults and you as an user(non-medical and/or medical). For the benefit of doubt, in the case of any conflicts between these "terms and conditions", and any other agreement, these "terms and conditions" will take precedence over all other agreements in doubt.

If you are in disagreements “and/or” dissatisfied “and/or” want to know more about these "terms and conditions", set out in this section, please do not hesitate to contact eConsults, or would like to take matter further, please find some quick links for Australian Government Authorities; those may assist you in resolving your query/ies.



Disclaimers: eConsults neither makes any forms of representation nor provides warranties for its quality, reliability or affordability of services in offering other than disclosed in Privacy Policy, Payment Terms, and Terms and Conditions.

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